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Method of answer preparation by Virtual Intelligence Partner in offline mode

12th of December, 2018

Another publication for Motorola Solutions which I co-authored is released. It describes the method for selecting a person for answering the question when a virtual assistant is in offline mode and is unable to answer that question by itself.

Links to Google Photos albums

22nd of November, 2018

I've replaced galleries on my homepage with a collection of links to Google Photos albums, published over the years on various social networking sites. Most of those pictures are raw or hastily processed.

In my Wikimedia Commons albums, there are thousands of photos on free licenses, usually with better quality than those presented here.

Method for selecting Virtual Intelligence Partner skills to work in offline mode

17th of October, 2018

Motorola Solutions has published a text I co-authored about a selection of skills for virtual assistants to work in offline mode. The described method allows for continues operation of a virtual assistant for a member of a public safety unit even if that member is outside of a network coverage area. The system selects skills for the offline mode for the ongoing operation in such a way that they are complementary to the collective knowledge of human team members in the operation.

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