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2nd of June, 2024

New photo gallery from the trip to Athens


10th of May, 2024

New photo gallery from my trip to Slovenia's caves, coast, and Ljubljana. View here.

Singapore and Vietnam

10th of February, 2024

New photo galleries after the trip to Singapore and north of Vietnam

New York

8th of October, 2023

New country gallery for United States after a trip to New York

Photo Location Finder: JPEG to KML Matcher

21st of August, 2023

Introducing a JavaFX application designed to match photo timestamps with Geo Tracker routes for the precise location of a photo before uploading to Wikimedia Commons. Simplifies photo location identification and provides adjusting for time zones.

South West Iceland

11th of May, 2023

New country gallery in photography section for South West Iceland

Java and Bali in Indonesia

31st of August, 2022

Another country gallery with pictures taken on the trip to Java and Bali in Indonesia

Pictures from the trip to Denmark

19th of June, 2022

New country gallery with photographs taken during the trip to Denmark

Pictures from Lake Neusiedl in Austria

1st of May, 2022

New photo galleries from the trip to Lake Neusiedl on the Austro-Hungarian border

New photo galleries from Austria and Slovakia

1st of August, 2021

I have added new photo galleries from my latest trip to Austria and Slovakia, including Vienna, Bratislava, and Wachau valley.

Fourth and final patent application for Motorola Solutions

24th of Marcha, 2021

The last patent application I co-authored while working for Motorola Solutions is visible in the search engines. That application proposes the future dispatch center system, which during overload, assesses and prioritizes calls before forwarding selected to human users. I have seven co-authors here, as the application combines two ideas to solve a similar problem.

Third patent application

4th of February, 2020

My third patent application filled for Motorola Solutions is finally visible in the Google Patents search engine. That document describes the system where a car (possibly autonomous) negotiates a meeting place with emergency services, in case of a fainted or a sick driver.

Photos from India

22nd of December, 2019

New country gallery with photographs taken during the trip to India: Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan.

More photos from the Czech Republic

13th of October, 2019

I have added two more galleries to pictures from the Czech Republic. This weekend I have traveled through the Moravian-Silesian Region of Czechia and have visited towns of Štramberk and Hukvaldy.

Azure Service Bus consumer example

10th of September, 2019

I have prepared a simple Jave example of Azure Service Bus consumer. Service Bus is Microsoft's message queue implementation with capabilities similar to ActiveMQ, I think. The code contains both session and session-less client implementations of Service Bus consumer.

Second patent application visible

29th of August, 2019

After eighteen months of waiting, my second patent application for Motorola Solutions is finally visible in the Google Patents search engine. This patent describes the methods and systems for simultaneously monitoring multiple radio talkgroups.

Photos from Prague

22nd of August, 2019

Yet another country photo gallery, this time from the train trip to the Czech Republic's capital of Prague.

Method of balancing influence in a group call by manipulation of participants' voices

6th of May, 2019

I am the co-author of another publication of Motorola Solutions. The method presented in this publication helps address the issue of the influence of dominant participant of the group call on other callers when each opinion is valuable and can bring something relevant to the overall assessment of the situation. It does that by manipulating voice parameters in a group call.

Photo gallery from Hungary

5th of May, 2019

I have added a new photo gallery page with Hungary. I have spent the last three days in Budapest and the surrounding area.

Method of answer preparation by Virtual Intelligence Partner in offline mode

12th of December, 2018

Motorola Solutions has published another publication that I co-authored. It describes the method for selecting a person for answering the question when a virtual assistant is in offline mode, has no connection to its knowledge database, and is unable to answer the question by itself.

A virtual assistant asks a question on behalf of its user or redirects a conversation to a person who may know the answer.

Links to Google Photos albums

22nd of November, 2018

I've replaced galleries on my homepage with a collection of links to Google Photos albums, published over the years on various social networking sites. Those are galleries with usually hastily processed pictures.

In my Wikimedia Commons albums, you can find many pictures on free licenses and with much better quality.

Method for selecting Virtual Intelligence Partner skills to work in offline mode

17th of October, 2018

Motorola Solutions has published a text, which I co-authored, about a selection of skills for virtual assistants to work in offline mode. The described method allows for the continued operation of a virtual assistant even outside of network coverage. The system selects skills for the offline mode for the ongoing operation in such a way that they are complementary to the collective knowledge of human team members in a mission.

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