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I was born in 1978 in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, which was at the time, a small industrial city in central Poland, grown around the steel factory.

I have been programming since the age of sixteen. I started with Turbo Pascal. My most outstanding application from that time was a high-school project, a graphical app that drew electric field potential distribution.

I had graduated from the Kielce University of Technology, with an MSc in Electrical Engineering. My major field was "Use of Computer Science in Technology."

After that, I worked for over ten years in various Ericsson's projects, developing telecommunication software for GSM, and then LTE and Ericsson's Intelligent Services. I was programming in Assembler and PLEX (a low-level proprietary language that belongs to Ericsson) at first, but after a few years, I reclassified to the Java Developer. In Ericsson, I also had some managerial experience, as I was working for two years as one of the product owners of Ericsson's Home Subscriber Server LTE's node.

Then I joined Motorola Solutions and work there for almost five years, first as a Java Developer, then as a Full Stack Developer. I took part in a few provisioning software projects for different telecommunication networks and application suites.

At that job, I was programming mostly in Java for the backend, but also gained some experience with Node.js. I was writing front-end in Angular. For DevOps stuff, I did Azure pipelines, Kubernetes deployments, and Docker.

In May 2020, I have joined the Allegro company.

I always look for a chance to try new technologies and learn new skills. For me, however, the essential part is the possibility to help people solve their real-life problems.

In my free time, I love to photograph. Mostly events and street photography, but also landscapes, architecture and, if I have a chance, wildlife. I like to travel and grow, especially fond of Asia. I read science-fiction novels and popular science books. I'm interested in new technologies, and I always seek an opportunity to try them.

Other Highlights

  • Awarded with Top Innovation of the Year 2017, Motorola Solutions worldwide, as co-author of the patent application System, device, and method for transferring security access permissions between in-camera users
  • 1st award for a tech talk in Motorola Solutions’ internal conference Innovation Showcase 2017 for a talk Distributed image recognition with open source libraries
  • 2nd award for a tech talk in Motorola Solutions’ internal conference Innovation Showcase 2016 for a talk Runtime Code Generation with Byte Buddy
  • Professional Scrum Product Owner I certificate,, Issued in November 2013

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